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En esta nueva sección, quiero publicar entrevistas que iré realizando a "personajes notables" del mundo de la Serie 1900. Se aceptan sugerencias.

¡Espero que os guste!



In diesem neuen Abschnitt werden von mir durchgeführte Interviews mit »bekannten Persönlichkeiten« der 1900-Welt veröffentlicht. Vorschläge sind willkommen!

Ich hoffe, es gefällt euch!


In this new section, I'll post interviews done to "important people" of the world of 1900 Serie. Suggestions welcome.

I hope you liked it!


Dans cette nouvelle section, je vais poster des entrevues effectuées à "notables" du monde Serie 1900. Suggestions bienvenues.

J'espère que vous aimerez!


In questa nuova sezione, vi posterò le interviste fatte ai "personaggi notabili" del mondo della Serie 1900. Suggerimenti benvenuti.

Spero che vi piaccia!


PRIMERA/ THE FIRST: Entrevista a O'Clicka / O'Clicka's Interview.

O'Clicka is a Playmobil collector from Spain, that she makes a very special Playmobil photos. Many of them, you can see in many Playmobil collector's forum. I recommend it! As me, she is in love with Playmobil 1900 Theme.

Spanish version:

Entrevista O'Clicka.pdf (947,1 kB)

English version: (next days).


SEGUNDA / THE SECOND: Entrevista a Playmobil Alemania / Playmobil Germany Interview.

I want to express my feels of gratitude to Anna, Sandra and Judith, lovely workers of Playmobil in Germany, which they were helping me to make this special interview. Without their care, kindness and profesionality, this interview couldn't have been real.

I'm very grateful, for this great opportunity. All my best wishes to you.

Spanish version:

Interview Sammler 1900_ESP.pdf (464,9 kB)

German version:

Interview Sammler 1900_DEU.pdf (75,4 kB)

English version:

Interview Sammler 1900_ENG.pdf (73,7 kB)

French version: (prochains jours).

Italian version: (nei prossimi giorni).


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